Read about Abraham the other day.Genesis 12.v.4 NIV ..SO Abram left,as the Lord had told him…

He didn’t know where he was going but he knew that he couldn’t stay where he was!

We knew that we had to move from here,but had no idea where to or how.I beleived that God was guiding me to university so therefore he would supply the means to get there.

The writer of the reading notes said…’knowing that you can’t stay is the beginning of guidance. God won’t bless a plan that hasn’t left the launch pad….’

So with the help of my dear friend Gerry, I have found a cottage and paid the deposit. Then things began to move.Thank you David for suppling a reference, and Robbie for helping with moving expenses.We have a great God who is interested in every detail of our lives. I can stay in the country ,which I love and travel into the city.The children won’t have too large a culture shock,after 3 years in Tinny, and my smallest dog can come too.

If you have a dream and things aren’t falling into place,keep praying,…’your answer is on the way…’, but God’s timing is perfect and may not be ours.God has spent 3 years preparing me for a plan , but only gave me the details in June.Keep trusting don’t give up, and don’t be surprised if the route isn’t quite the one you planned.

Isaiah 48 v.17 b…’I am the Lord your God,who teaches you what is best for you,who directs you in the way that you should go…’

I heard a speaker say that sometimes courage is doing things scared. This is scary but exciting at the same time.

Do feel free to add your own comments on this diarised episode of my life, wold be glad to read them.