Audio Conferencing

Audio Conferencing is a posh phrase for listening to lectures on the ‘phone. Now that may sound ideal, sitting in the privacy of your own room,taking notes and chilling.
In reality, it means that other folk all over Scotland can hear your children wrestling in the next room ,the dogs barking and scratching at the door…but even worse, when it all goes quiet and you lose concentration as you begin to worry about what said children are actually doing and wonder if the fire alarm will go off next ,a voice says in your ear ,’….and Jennifer would you like to comment on these views?….’ What views? What should you comment on? PANIC! You suddenly realise that you’ve been mentally absent from the class for about 5 minutes!

Hopefully I will manage to get all my homework done and write my essays, but why does Jean in Aberdeen sound so confident?Why has Robert got all his books,when I can’t even find them on line!Why don’t Alisons children shout in stage whispers,Shutup Mummys got a lecture!

Being part of a virtual class is strange but I’m sure when we get used to each others voices we’ll begin to gel….watch …or listen to this space…..


I would love to hear your comments and will try to reply ASAP.

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