It’s been sometime since I wrote about whats going on here.After all this was supposed to be a diary but I have digressed just lately.

We have now settled into our new home and have the priveledge of living in the grounds of an inhabited castle. Our home is a converted stable block on one side of a cobbled courtyard. A retired shepherd and his family live opposite. The farm is a mixture of dairy,sheep and arable. An extremely handsome bull is enjoying the company of his numerous wives in the field next door!

We still have pheasants and deer to watch ,as we did in “Tinny”, and some incredibly noisy owls.The one luxury that we have here is CENTRAL HEATING!

My Uni course progresses, I shall finish the Church History module before Christmas, oh dear ,it has been like pulling teeth, I loathed History at school, and this has been no better. I have been ankle deep in Presbyterians,Episcopalians and Catholics, and actually have been saddened by what man has done to the church over the years and how they have persecuted and maimed one another over doctrine. How far the church is from the original plan given in the Gospels!!!!!!

The New Testament studies have been enjoyable, tutored by an enthusiastic young lady wo has just got a Ph.d I finish Mark’s gospel soon and shall then do Matthews by webCT.

Today I was supposed to be researching Catholocism in the 1700’s but as is usual the librarian in the reference section where I study(to stop me playing on here) distracted me. She seems to wear boots that are far too big for her and slaps them along the floor while she walks.After about 4 weeks of this,it is beginning to grate, but today I put it to good use and wrote a childrens story about Lucinda- not the librarians name- The Noisy Library Lady…. much more fun that Church reformation!

The children are doing well at school having adjusted to the increase in fellow pupils , coming from a school with just 60 children to this one with 325 took a bit of getting used to. Tony is enjoying after school football training with a student from Kilmarnock College, and Diane has got over the shock of a male teacher and likes him very much!

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I found this lovely piece on a blog called” Glory To God In All Things” and thought I might share it on this gloomy Thursday its so beautiful.
“……As a priest, I major in the heart.
I know that whatever it is that ails a parishioner, the answer lies within the heart. There is no absence of grace – God is not willing that any should perish. We, however, are not so generous – even with our own selves. We cannot expect the heart to act in its own self-interest (at least not in its own long-term self-interest). And, strangely, God’s approach to us is not to appeal to our self-interest. The Kingdom of God calls to the heart to empty itself and look to the interest of the other. The heart will only find itself if it loses itself. Wooing the heart to this place of self-effacement is, indeed, the great mystery of the faith in the course of our daily lives.
In the Mystery (as the Eastern Church most commonly terms the sacraments) of Marriage, we bring a couple into the presence of God, whose own love and whatever else has brought them together, and crown them with the crowns of martyrs. We pray for them and invite them to take up a life of martyrdom that is synonymous with marriage. And this is, in fact, no different than the life we initiate at Baptism. That both Mysteries include a “dance” – circling three times around a table in the nave (or around the font) is simply because both are journeys through life. Both are journeys led by the cross and destined to lead to the Cross – the ultimate place of self-abandonment.
But in every step of the dance, in every day that is lived, the mystery of the heart seems to govern at least part of every step. Each step will be met by grace (else who could walk?) but the shape of the step will be marked to some extent by the heart that meets grace. Darkness will bring its own stumbling, staggering either towards more light or deeper darkness. A broken and contrite heart can bring the poignancy of a dance that only God could choreograph.
I find that when I pray for others it is not the mystery of grace that strains my prayer – but the mystery of other hearts. What will prayer bring? What will the heart of another do with the grace it is given? What mystery surrounds the pattern of the dance that this life now displays before us? I find little solace in the complexity of my own heart, nor in the opaque riddles of others. Solace comes finally only in the constant goodness of God’s grace – a grace that never draws back nor turns away from the hardness we present. This grace and its goodness crushes the heads of dragons, including those that lurk in the darkest places of the heart. It also kindles a fire where we thought no flame could burn. May paradise consume us!
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Wainwright….that well known hero of walkers and hikers in the U.K said “there is no such thing as bad weather only unsuitable clothing”.

Was reading Ephesians 6.v11..”Put on the full armour of God…” How many times do I plunge into the day and when things go wrong start yelling at God. He looks at me and says ..”Jen,wheres your armour?” Where is it ,still in the wardrobe because I forgot to put it on this morning!

When the weather is bad are you suitably dressed?

The verse is using the illustration of roman armour but liked this medaeval getup but wouldn’t recommend it for shopping.