Christmas Shopping

Today I elbowed my way around an Asda Store with hundreds of my fellow shoppers. It was ‘grab what you want from the shelf and try to return to your own mobile shopping basket without being mown down by mad Scots women intent on hunter gathering’ I was lucky because I had my 6’4″ son with me doing the driving and he negociated the aisles having better visibility.

Half way round the huge store and beginning to flag, I began to wonder why on earth we were doing this, after all the shops would be open for another 3 days and then reopen in two more.But, of course, we must be prepared for one of the few religious feast days left in the UK. When I was married to a muslim I felt ashamed at the casual way we worshipped our God and the lax way in which I came to prayer.I was too busy, or I didn’t feel like it. Also the trappings of Christmas became a stark reality. Christmas had little to do with Jesus.

Although it is wonderful to be free to worship God and to live my own life, I learned so much from my muslim friends and the commitment they made to prayer, fasting and feast days. If I believe that Jesus is the way to God and salvation ,then I must be more fervent in my own beliefs because if I am lukewarm, will I be ready when the King comes?Will anyone else even recognise me as a christian?

The celebration of the Birth of Christ is a time for worship and for contemplation. That baby ,years later,was put to death in the most terrible way,for my wrongdoings and yours, but rose again, and what is more is going to return, and this is what I shall be thinking about as I cook this food for our Christmas feast. My God gave his life for me, and because of that I have eternal life with him, that is the most amazing and aweinspiring present that anyone could ever give me, and I want to celebrate that with my friends and family.


I wanted to share this

1. Make CHRIST the center of Christmas. He wants your life not your stuff. Sing and worship. Read the real Christmas story. Brag about God. Spend time with Him for his gift – Jesus!2. Guard against offenses. Christmas has become one of the most stressful times of the year. The word “offense” comes from a Greek word meaning “bait”. Don’t bite the devil’s bait. Give people the benefit of the doubt and be quick to forgive, especially those you love. 3. Beware of the sale and catalogue trap. Many retailers mark up their prices up to 300% profit before they offer you the “80% off” price. If it is not on your list, don’t buy. Before you spend, consider that bills will come due in January! Most of us don’t need a miracle but a little bit of self-control. Focus on home made stuff! Love is not expressed in the price tag.4. Spend time not money. Kids will forget the memory of the latest gadget but the time spent on playing with them, setting up a Christmas tree together, drinking hot chocolate by the fire, reading a Christmas story … will create a life-long memory. Money can’t buy it – but you can make it real!5. Take time for yourself. Relax and enjoy the season. Pay attention to what you eat and drink. Your mood will greatly depend on this. Enjoy the food in a way that will not disappoint you getting on the scale on January 2nd. Remember, you are responsible for aspects of your own happiness!6. Spread the JOY of Christmas. When something wonderful happens we should tell others about it. Millions of Muslims have never heard about the first Christmas. No greater gift can you give to Christ than to cause someone to hear the Gospel.7. Have a wonderful, merry Christmas!Be blessed and know Christ’s wonderful love and faithfulness to you this season, Ron

End of Term

Well I can’t believe its the end of my first term.Slow progress but I made it,and I’ve learned alot! Have even begun to get interested in History.
Still two essays to get out by the New Year and one is a biggy, so can’t really relax too much.Still totally seasonally disorganised,and hoping that someone else will shop,but no daughters available this year.

I really feel that God is about to show me where all this is leading and I feel more excited about that than the festive goings on. So, watch this space.

Preparing for Christmas.

This is the second Sunday in Advent. The more frantic Christmas preparations become the more I wish that we could go back to basics. I really only want a small celebration and to worship God for giving his life for me,so, why are we not brave enough to do this,why do we want the ” feel good factor”?

I have two children under 11, who expect the same kind of presents as their peer group, they won’t have them but that is because of financial restrictions.

Dear Lord, Give me the faith and strength to stand up for what I beleive and to make you central this at this festival. Amen.