Christmas Shopping

Today I elbowed my way around an Asda Store with hundreds of my fellow shoppers. It was ‘grab what you want from the shelf and try to return to your own mobile shopping basket without being mown down by mad Scots women intent on hunter gathering’ I was lucky because I had my 6’4″ son with me doing the driving and he negociated the aisles having better visibility.

Half way round the huge store and beginning to flag, I began to wonder why on earth we were doing this, after all the shops would be open for another 3 days and then reopen in two more.But, of course, we must be prepared for one of the few religious feast days left in the UK. When I was married to a muslim I felt ashamed at the casual way we worshipped our God and the lax way in which I came to prayer.I was too busy, or I didn’t feel like it. Also the trappings of Christmas became a stark reality. Christmas had little to do with Jesus.

Although it is wonderful to be free to worship God and to live my own life, I learned so much from my muslim friends and the commitment they made to prayer, fasting and feast days. If I believe that Jesus is the way to God and salvation ,then I must be more fervent in my own beliefs because if I am lukewarm, will I be ready when the King comes?Will anyone else even recognise me as a christian?

The celebration of the Birth of Christ is a time for worship and for contemplation. That baby ,years later,was put to death in the most terrible way,for my wrongdoings and yours, but rose again, and what is more is going to return, and this is what I shall be thinking about as I cook this food for our Christmas feast. My God gave his life for me, and because of that I have eternal life with him, that is the most amazing and aweinspiring present that anyone could ever give me, and I want to celebrate that with my friends and family.



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