Bread and cake.

Getting through the winter, is always difficult especially if you are a student like me, or are just on a low income. Do you pay for the heating or eat,this is quite topical at the moment but has been a problem for many for the few hundred years.

To try to make things go further I sometimes make my own bread, last year in a lean patch I made some lovely bread only to come down one morning and find that the mice had eaten it! This year in a rodent free house I thought I was safe. Yesterday to get two hungry children through the week, and to stop them snacking on rubbish, I made a large sponge cake,of which I was quite proud.

Today I had to take the children to school early for play rehearsals, on my return I was horrified to find that the dogs had eaten the cake!!! They have never stolen food before!

OOOOhhhh, I feel better for telling you!


The Heart

But remember, for all your adult life you’ll be a woman. And how you live your life as a woman, all by yourself before God, is what makes the real you. Nothing on the exterior can touch or change that precious inner sanctuary—your heart, his dwelling place—unless you let it. And God, who loves you very much, has tailor made all your outer life—your circumstances, your relationships—to pressure you into becoming that beautiful woman he’s planned for you to be.”

~ Anne Ortlund ~

the quote can be found in
Disciplines Of The Beautiful Woman(p. 123) &
The Gentle Ways of a Beautiful Woman: A Practical Guide to Spiritual Beauty (p. 96)

This quote really speaks for it’s self. The important phrase is ‘unless you let it’, this really made me think.We are not passive in our relationship with God, we must wear that spiritual armour to protect our hearts, and to do so we must be aware of the outside influences that could corrupt that inner sanctuary.

In this new year God is pressuring me to clean up my act, get back on track and all those other trite phrases us christians use. But it hit me this year that I tend to drift and hope for the best, so, this is a year when I take control with Gods help, and I expect a battle, but the outcome will be soooo worth it!


Today I want to be here. I have no wish to be in the town. I want to walk the dogs along the beach around Rhubaan point and walk against the cold wind, get soaked in the rain and see the showers hitting the sides of ,the now snow ,topped mountains on the south kyle.

I’d like to climb the hill behind Tighnabruaich and see the ‘Sleeping warrior’ possibly snow capped too.I’d like to chat at the local shop, and wait for Mark from the garage to drive the children home from school in the old mini bus.

But…. I’m here.As you can tell I have a terrible attack of homesickness. This is where God has brought me, and where I am supposed to be for now….it’s not easy and the children too,wanted to go ‘home’ this morning…. if you pass by just ask God to give us peace about this and to help us look to the future not the past.

Spring will come.

Today is a day of quiet waiting on the Lord. The storms have raged ,January wears on cold and damp, the post Christmas bills come in,and life takes on a rather mundane pace for a while. But out in the lane the snowdrops are abundant, the trees are beginning to wake up after their winter sleep,and the birds are singing a little more.

The Christian life is like this,it seems to have seasons, sometimes all is light and sunny and the world seems a wonderful place, we hear God’s voice follow his leading and then Winter comes, its dark, we can’t see , walking after God seems as if we are walking in thick mud and life feels pointless. But, the Lord uses all seasons to help us grow, learn more about who He is and who we are. He helps us work on our weaknesses and builds us up for the next Summer time. In the Winter God hides you, he’s preparing you, then Spring comes along and all the growth begins to blossom and
by late Summer its ready for harvest.

In the winter bleakness don’t strive, rest.That well known Psalm of David,Psalm23 says, The Lordis my shepherd,I shall not want; he makes me lie down in green pastures.

Its good to lie down, and feed on the spiritual food God provides.We live in a society that says work,strive for what you want.God says relax feed on me, the time for work will come ,but take time to recharge your batteries.

Isaiah 31′ but they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength,they shall mount up with wings like eagles. ‘

This was a boost for my New Year starting block

EW YEAR’S EVE Facing the new year with courage! (1) 31 Dec 2007
‘Be strong and courageous.’ Deuteronomy 1:6
Without courage you’re not living, you’re hiding! Courage is what moves you forward; it’s the muscle that makes your faith work. Faith by itself can be nothing more than a set of beliefs. Courage is what activates those beliefs. Every Promised Land has giant sized problems, and you have to face them and defeat them before moving in and taking up residence. Notice three things in Deuteronomy Chapter 7, which God said to Israel about taking the Promised Land: 1) ‘Your God, who is among you, is a great and awesome God’ (v.21). Your God is greater than any opposition you are facing 2) ‘Will drive out those nations before you’ God will go ahead of you. He will do for you what you cannot do for yourself, but you’ve got to show up for the fight 3) ‘Little by little.’ Whether it’s conquering your Promised Land or your character flaws, you can’t do it all at once, so God works with you in one area after another. Life is not one big battle, then you march in the victory parade. No, it’s a series of small daily victories required to defeat the enemies of your spiritual growth. Twenty-three chapters later God is still telling Israel to be courageous (Deuteronomy 31:6). That’s because courage is like oxygen, you can’t survive without it. Courage is not the absence of fear, it’s the conquest of it. Courage means doing it afraid; until you’re no longer afraid. It means tremble your way to confidence! God promised to go with them, and go before them. Who does God walk with and work with? Who does He go ahead of and arrange things for? The courageous!