Spring will come.

Today is a day of quiet waiting on the Lord. The storms have raged ,January wears on cold and damp, the post Christmas bills come in,and life takes on a rather mundane pace for a while. But out in the lane the snowdrops are abundant, the trees are beginning to wake up after their winter sleep,and the birds are singing a little more.

The Christian life is like this,it seems to have seasons, sometimes all is light and sunny and the world seems a wonderful place, we hear God’s voice follow his leading and then Winter comes, its dark, we can’t see , walking after God seems as if we are walking in thick mud and life feels pointless. But, the Lord uses all seasons to help us grow, learn more about who He is and who we are. He helps us work on our weaknesses and builds us up for the next Summer time. In the Winter God hides you, he’s preparing you, then Spring comes along and all the growth begins to blossom and
by late Summer its ready for harvest.

In the winter bleakness don’t strive, rest.That well known Psalm of David,Psalm23 says, The Lordis my shepherd,I shall not want; he makes me lie down in green pastures.

Its good to lie down, and feed on the spiritual food God provides.We live in a society that says work,strive for what you want.God says relax feed on me, the time for work will come ,but take time to recharge your batteries.

Isaiah 31′ but they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength,they shall mount up with wings like eagles. ‘


One thought on “Spring will come.

  1. Some inspirational and thought provoking stuff in the last few posts.I intend to say something on my own blog about the Philippine Christmas and how it contrasts starkly with that in the UK. You would appreciate the way that they have not lost sight of the real meaning and place less emphasis on gift giving and gorging on heavy foods and drink. That said, I was disappointed to have Christmas music and jingles piped in all the Manila Malls from October 1st. So its not all perfect.I don’t envy you the essays and the studying. I left all that behind in 1971; but I do admire your energy and motivation.

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