The Heart

But remember, for all your adult life you’ll be a woman. And how you live your life as a woman, all by yourself before God, is what makes the real you. Nothing on the exterior can touch or change that precious inner sanctuary—your heart, his dwelling place—unless you let it. And God, who loves you very much, has tailor made all your outer life—your circumstances, your relationships—to pressure you into becoming that beautiful woman he’s planned for you to be.”

~ Anne Ortlund ~

the quote can be found in
Disciplines Of The Beautiful Woman(p. 123) &
The Gentle Ways of a Beautiful Woman: A Practical Guide to Spiritual Beauty (p. 96)

This quote really speaks for it’s self. The important phrase is ‘unless you let it’, this really made me think.We are not passive in our relationship with God, we must wear that spiritual armour to protect our hearts, and to do so we must be aware of the outside influences that could corrupt that inner sanctuary.

In this new year God is pressuring me to clean up my act, get back on track and all those other trite phrases us christians use. But it hit me this year that I tend to drift and hope for the best, so, this is a year when I take control with Gods help, and I expect a battle, but the outcome will be soooo worth it!


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