Back Again

My PC crashed!!!!! I was lost without it…4 months without chatting to friends… it was lonely without it. I hadn’t realised how reliant I was on a piece of technology.

Have had lots of time to think though…..even my course work was cut short…I will have to make drastic changes to our life style if we are to survive financially through the next winter,this may mean giving up my studies altogether.Applied for a Return to Practise course ,to nurse again but the Uni here has withdrawn the course.

So…..where to next? Am off to consider my options.


2 thoughts on “Back Again

  1. Welome back Jen. I too have just recovered my systems from a shutdown. Make sure you have good anti-virus and adware protection. Keep them updated and do regular scans of your suystem. Free downloads are available from spybot or AVG. The UK’s computer magazine “ComputerActive” has a very good website ( Put it in your Favourites/Bookmarks and refer to it especially when you have a problem to resolve.There is lots of advice online (assuming you can get online) and if you have a problem it is likely that someone else has to, and written something about it.I look forward to future posts on your Blog.Love,Nic

  2. I have been pondering your financial issues. I can recommend Martin Lewis’ site at Subscribe to his periodic tips. You might also try a site called Motley Fool.Consider becoming an ebay seller. Scour the charity shops for items you think might sell at a profit. I had a very successful deal with a game of Perudo I bought for under 3 pounds. It had nice leather dice shakers but some of the die were missing. I bought new ones (from ebay!) and sold the game on ebay to a bidder in USA for 27 pounds.

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