This is a photo of the falls near the Caladh Estate in Tighnabruaich. Whenever I was feeling abit down or bored, I walked here.After rain the sound of the water is deafening and the spray fills the air.It also tastes delicious.

This always reminded me of the verse in Psalm 42, “deep calls to deep at the thunder of thy cataracts; all thy waves and billows have gone over me. “

It’s a verse I have pondered over many times,what does the Psalmist mean?

Psalm 42 and 43 are really part of the same writing.Water and God are both life giving,without them we die.
The writer is feeling miserable.How did life get like this,he ransacks the past,like looking through old letters or papers that we keep.Everything used to be better,how did things go awry?

He hears the crashing of the billows on the rocks and he feels pummeled by life,as if the water is crushing him.

By the next psalm through his tears,he realises that he has been so wrapped up in himself that he has forgotten to ask God for help.Life isn’t always going to be great but if he still hangs on to God,there is the support,things will improve and he will gain strength from the low experiences.

We need the abundant streams,the crystal clear flowing water to refresh us, and that is right here,just talk to the one who loves you so intimately and infinitely that it is beyond understanding,and He will fulfill all your needs.


I would love to hear your comments and will try to reply ASAP.

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