No,don’t get excited I’m not about to tie the knot,far from it!

It was just a sentence that I heard in a sermpn this morning has my head buzzing. I can’t remember what it was about because this phrase sent my brain cells haywire.

It was simply that ” Adam and Eve were not married”. I hadn’t really considered it before. I have tried googling the origins of marriage and have found nothing but fundamentalist teaching on what the church expects of couples. But…. where did marriage come from ,if God invented it ,where does it say it in the Bible? If man invented it ,when did God tell him to ,since in the past it was usually performed in his name,and still is for many Christians.

It wasn’t on Moses stone tablet….we are told not to covet another mans wife,and that must apply to other women’s husbands too. But where did the word “wife” come from?

In Genesis 2 24 translated from the Hebrew,the verse says “Therefore, a man will leave his father and mother and he will adhere to his woman and they will become a unified person.”

No wife,marriage certificate,no big dress ,banquet and impoverished fathers!!!

Sarai was called Abrams wife but no mention of the limousine there, have I been duped all these years and is marriage a man made invention….no wonder it doesn’t work… or am I missing the point. This requires much deeper investigation.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not knocking marriage, but after 2 horrendous experiences I don’t want to repeat the performance. I would still like to be “chosen” by someone to be that “unified person” that the Hebrew describes. And, the thought that my man would adhere to me sounds pretty awesome…reminds me of the song ” I’m sticking with you cos I’m made outta glue..”

Well here is something to get my teeth into,I’m off to search cyber space. If anyone has any revelations let me know. ( and if you read this Karen Ive lost your E.mail address!)


4 thoughts on “"Marriage"

  1. Very interesting.I wonder what other unscriptured examples of man-made practices can be found. One that springs to my mind is the Catholic church’s confessional. Christ surely came to intercede between God and Man, removing the need for a priest. That, I understood, is why the curtain in the temple was rent in two at the time of His death to symbolise the redundancy of the priest and his private ‘no go’ zone.

  2. Hi -I saw your comment on Mike’s blog, and popped over on an impulse.Of course God invented marriage. He didn’t invent all the trappings we surround it with, but he started the whole thing. In Genesis he decided Adam needed a suitable mate. So he fashioned the woman from Adam’s rib, and brought her to him. He gave Adam his bride.All through Scripture we see examples of good and bad marriages. Jesus went to the marriage at Cana. All through the New Testament we’re taught about the marriage relationship.Hope this helps.Blessings,Susan J. Reinhardt

  3. I have a problem with the word “marriage”. God provided Adam with an equal partner in Eve,both formed in his image. To be a companion. No where does it say that this is marriage we just assume this.The Hebrew does not use the word. Somewhere in ancient Israel women became second class . I quite like the idea of “hand clasping” it made a three year contract that you could renew as necessary (tongue in cheek comment!)I agree with you about the confessional Nic,having studied church history recently with Aberdeen uni I was quite shocked at just how far the church had moved away from it’s original purpose. But thats a large discussion area! At least I’m safe now, I’d have prpobably been burned at the stake for expressing these views. Jesus is as important to me as breathing, but it is so healthy to take scripture apart and really look at what it says sometimes.It can only consolidate our faith. The bible was put together by man and many of the named authors didn’t actually write the books. God doesn’t mind if we question things.

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