As I am a student and a single parent,despite knocking on for 54, I have to attend 6 monthly interviews with a ” jobcentre advisor”. I am usually old enough to be their mother.

Anyway the expected letter arrived summoning me to interview, but they obviously think that my age now impairs my brain power, as important phrases had been highlighted in red felt pen.

I have yet to meet the author ,who will call me by my christian name as if she is a long lost friend,and looks most surprised when I use hers. I hope that she is prepared!

I must be beginning to look ancient because when in answer to the opticians’ inquiry as to whether I drove a car ,when I said no I cycled, she gave me a patronising look,and said “OH, marvellous, good for you” as if someone my age should be signing up for a walking stick!

I haven’t quoted any scripture lately….

But this is for those who think life is downhill from 30.

“..your strength shall equal your days..”Deut.33,” However many days a man shall live,let him enjoy them all” Eccles.11 ” I am fearfully and wonderfully made….All my days ordained for me are written in your book..”PS 139

We are all individuals created uniquely by God ,perfectly loved and created for a purpose. God doesn’t make mistakes.


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The Cook Book

Late last night,I watched chef,Jamie Olivers’ latest programme ” Pass it On”. He taught 5 people to cook a meal,then they taught 5 more who in turn taught 5 more, you get the picture.Eventually 1,000 people cooked a healthy quick meal.Most had never cooked before. Jamies’ aim is to improve the Nations’ eating habits and improve their lifestyle.

It got me thinking,always dangerous!This is the way that Jesus trained his disciples. He taught 12,who then worked in pairs and after gaining experience under his supervision they made more disciples and these spread the word and so the family of God grew.

Cuthbert and Ninian came to Scotland other godly men started planting churches world wide.Patrick Hamilton was burnt at the stake , his story always inspires me, and still people everywhere try to spread that word .

Why? because although the Christian life is one of the hardest to live,the original tutor is still alive and available for a one to one. Don’t believe me ? Ask Him!


The application has gone off in the post. Thank you to Nic, Paul, Gerry and David who agreed to be my referees. David, whom I havent had contact with for 13 years, suddenly appeared on Facebook just a week before I needed a work colleagues ref.
The photo has no connection with my list of friends, it is just a view of the estate!
The closing date is November 13th and interviews are in early December, if I get that far.

I loved Argyll but I will not mind leaving Ayrshire. Our floods have receded but water still lays in big pools in the fields and it seems much colder here than further North.

Well the application form for the job is filled out, and I’ll post it tomorrow. I have applied for a few jobs now,especially as I am told that despite studying ,but not being a full time student I will have to return to work after November.

The Government is proposing that all lone parents are to return to work when their youngest child is 9 years old. We already have a problem with drunken teenagers in the streets,especially in Scotland, and badly behaved children. It’s hardly surprising as there is often no one at home to care for them.
This summer, long crocodiles of very young children were being lead through town and filling the parks. These were the holiday clubs. Despite being the school and nursery holiday, parents still worked, so someone else had to be found for the children. Having watched the way these children were supervised, I am sure that their parents were unaware that the “carers” were chatting to their boyfriends ,and their charges were running riot.

This was even more scary at the beach, while those supervising sat and chatted in the sun, their charges were up to their necks in the sea or miles further down the sand.

I may be being thought old fashioned, but what is wrong with mothers being paid to look after their own children,to give them stability and teach them right from wrong in a loving environment? After all if I need after school care, and work part time, it’s the tax payers who will pay for it,just so that the government can massage their employment figures.

We cannot keep blaming the young for their behaviour when we take away family life and expect them to “grow up” institutionalised. The latest proposal from Mr Brown is nursery places for 2 year olds!

Todays society is causing family breakdown and in years to come we will all pay the price.