The Cook Book

Late last night,I watched chef,Jamie Olivers’ latest programme ” Pass it On”. He taught 5 people to cook a meal,then they taught 5 more who in turn taught 5 more, you get the picture.Eventually 1,000 people cooked a healthy quick meal.Most had never cooked before. Jamies’ aim is to improve the Nations’ eating habits and improve their lifestyle.

It got me thinking,always dangerous!This is the way that Jesus trained his disciples. He taught 12,who then worked in pairs and after gaining experience under his supervision they made more disciples and these spread the word and so the family of God grew.

Cuthbert and Ninian came to Scotland other godly men started planting churches world wide.Patrick Hamilton was burnt at the stake , his story always inspires me, and still people everywhere try to spread that word .

Why? because although the Christian life is one of the hardest to live,the original tutor is still alive and available for a one to one. Don’t believe me ? Ask Him!


I would love to hear your comments and will try to reply ASAP.

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