As I am a student and a single parent,despite knocking on for 54, I have to attend 6 monthly interviews with a ” jobcentre advisor”. I am usually old enough to be their mother.

Anyway the expected letter arrived summoning me to interview, but they obviously think that my age now impairs my brain power, as important phrases had been highlighted in red felt pen.

I have yet to meet the author ,who will call me by my christian name as if she is a long lost friend,and looks most surprised when I use hers. I hope that she is prepared!

I must be beginning to look ancient because when in answer to the opticians’ inquiry as to whether I drove a car ,when I said no I cycled, she gave me a patronising look,and said “OH, marvellous, good for you” as if someone my age should be signing up for a walking stick!

I haven’t quoted any scripture lately….

But this is for those who think life is downhill from 30.

“..your strength shall equal your days..”Deut.33,” However many days a man shall live,let him enjoy them all” Eccles.11 ” I am fearfully and wonderfully made….All my days ordained for me are written in your book..”PS 139

We are all individuals created uniquely by God ,perfectly loved and created for a purpose. God doesn’t make mistakes.


One thought on “Ageism

  1. Wasn’t such a bad interview, she looked at me and called me “Mrs Corr”, must be my “old bag” demeanour.The poor woman didn’t look well either ,so I let her off the lecture about highlighting.

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