Getting in Deep

I love to read articles and sermons by the late Bryn Jones. This is an extract. Our God has so many facets of character,we often make Him so small.Getting in deep with Him touches all the senses. How wonderful that we can sit and chat in the presence of, and with, our awesome God.

Deep calls to deep’, said the teacher. If you have experienced the deep waters of God’s revelation, there is nothing or no one that can capture your heart again. There is a continual pull on your spirit towards God. You are not with those who meander through life; you are engaged in a purposeful journey. You do not live in the shallows of human friendships with casual acquaintances with whom you share one or two meetings a week, but rather the depth of God’s heart calls to you by the Spirit and you respond with a cry from your own. You long to draw, and live, close to God. This impacts all else you do in life. It is not that you are dour or sour, but you are sober and diligent. You don’t trifle with the things of God and hold just enough spirituality to assuage your conscience and persuade yourself that you are in the kingdom. But men and women of depth live in an abundant entry to the kingdom. You do not need constant reminding of your relationship with God. You enjoy covenant life with him. You are not phased that your name and face is not displayed on the notice boards or magazines that pepper Christianity. You are into deeper things: the engaging of God’s heart in worship, of God’s mind in wisdom and direction, God’s will in passion and prayer, and of God’s power through his Spirit. You know you need to keep close and walk ever more deeply in the things of God because you are surrounded by an age described as being in the lap of the evil one where an apostate religion has too readily aligned itself with the deep things of Satan. The friendship that God enjoys with his friends is so fulfilling to God himself that he cannot conceive of acting independent of them and so he said:

“Shall I not share this with my friend Abraham?
Shall I not share this with my prophets?”

Deep fellowship with God is held out as a prospect to all believers. Jesus speaking to his disciples before he left said:

“No more servants but friends.”

That privilege through the blood of Christ is open to all that have come into him.

Today, deep is calling to deep – respond accordingly. Draw me and I will run after you.

New Experiences

I have been sharing in a little luxury over the past few days whilst caring for my next door neighbour,while his wife was away.

I have never lived in a castle ,but this one feels quite homely. The first night was a little eerie,as it was incredibly windy.Every door on every floor seemed to creak and bang. The stairs climb in a large spiral winding up above the entrance hall,and checking on my charge requires me to cross the landings in the dark. It’s amazing how spooky a suit of armour can look in the half light,especially when it has a wax face in it!

About two o’clock in the morning,I woke up to what I thought was the sound of two women chatting and laughing, I bolted out onto the landing but there was no one there. My room connects to the unused staircase that leads to the old servants quarters I think…. made me wonder… past employees?????

Last night tonight and back to reality.


0-22-08 / Fear (ירא yarey, Strong’s #3372): The concrete Hebraic meaning of this verb is “to flow.” It is related to the word yorehh [str:3138] meaning “first rain” and ye’or [str:2975] meaning “stream.” When you are seriously afraid of something, you can feel your insides “flowing.” This is the meaning of this word but is usually translated simply as “fear.”

I found this when I was looking at the ancient Hebrew site I sometimes use for researching words.

Fear is something we could all do with out, but all have to live with. Different things trigger our panic buttons. New situations, illness, or the things we have taught ourselves to afraid of.

When I read that the original word meant “first rain” ,I thought of the smell on parched ground, the freshness,quenching thirst. Next time the butterflies hit,perhaps thinking on this would be calming.

“There is no fear in love.But perfect love drives out fear…” 1.John 4.18