0-22-08 / Fear (ירא yarey, Strong’s #3372): The concrete Hebraic meaning of this verb is “to flow.” It is related to the word yorehh [str:3138] meaning “first rain” and ye’or [str:2975] meaning “stream.” When you are seriously afraid of something, you can feel your insides “flowing.” This is the meaning of this word but is usually translated simply as “fear.”

I found this when I was looking at the ancient Hebrew site I sometimes use for researching words.

Fear is something we could all do with out, but all have to live with. Different things trigger our panic buttons. New situations, illness, or the things we have taught ourselves to afraid of.

When I read that the original word meant “first rain” ,I thought of the smell on parched ground, the freshness,quenching thirst. Next time the butterflies hit,perhaps thinking on this would be calming.

“There is no fear in love.But perfect love drives out fear…” 1.John 4.18


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