Today I fell off my bike, well actually my bike fell off me! It rained over night and the water had collected on top of the iced up bridge. I didn’t see the ice before it was too late. According to my 11 year old son who was following me I looked as if I was doing a stunt for a James Bond film, the type where they slide under vehicles. I must explain that the bridge is at the entrance to0 the Estate on which I live. If you have seen “Monarch of the Glen” you will know the sort I mean. Single track.

I was relatively unhurt except that I smacked the back of my head on the road,and am now sporting a large egg shaped lump. The nice thing about Caprington is that we have a small “village ” type community.As neighbours we look out for each other,although there is a rather old fashioned “pecking order”.

My reason for mentioning that is because each neighbour has come to the door this morning to check that I am alive and well, including my landlady and her son.It does have it’s downside if you want privacy, nothing anyone does here goes unnoticed by the rest of us.

This is how communities should be, and were when I was a child, perhaps if we cared alittle more about our neighbours life would be a little easier.


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