In Deep

Tonight I took on some atheists who are stating that because God allowed the deaths of so many in the Old Testament they cannot believe in him. I wasn’t able to answer their questions only tell them of my faith and why I believe that Jesus not only exists but is alive.

Then it occurred to me that if they are atheists they don’t believe that God exists,so how can they accuse him of anything. If he doesn’t exist they have no argument to put forward, but as one told me Jesus is a part of God so is also guilty of murdering millions in the Old Testament , they must know that there is a God. Therefore when they die ,or when Jesus returns they will find themselves accountable to Him.I got confused.

Maybe that’s why the poster on the buses said that God probably didn’t exist,because they are not that sure!


A learning Curve

Looking back over the past year on a day when yet another job application bites the dust,I am quite optimistic. I thought that I hadn’t moved forward far but I have.
I have clung to the beliefs I have been taught through non-conformist churches for years thinking that I was being open minded. But ,in reality this hasn’t been the case. I want to thank the people that have touched my life through e.mail and personally that have shaken up my beliefs and breathed fresh air into them this year. This has not only freshened and sharpened my faith but has widened my view of God and allowed me to see that I have only skimmed the surface and that there is so much more ,exciting and deep to explore.

So thank you my friends bless you for your patience and praise and thanks to God for sending you…don’t go away I’ve lots more to learn.

On another note ,thank you too to friends who read this but don’t share my beliefs, I value your input too, and my life is richer for knowing you.