New Quarters

This week I am at the castle again. I have new quarters in the Nursery wing at the top of the house. This obviously hasn’t been used as such for some time, now the grandchildren stay here at Christmas and holidays. I was fascinated to find rows of books not fashionable these days. Boys Adventure books about soldiers and pilots, girls reading such as “What Katy did.” and”Amelia Anne has an Adventure”, such a shame that most children now prefer computer games.

In my bathroom there is ,as in “Nanny’s room”, a lovely Victorian Fireplace along with green glazed tiles threequarters of the way up the wall. I was imaging some poor girl getting up at the crack of dawn to light the fire and haul hot water to the bath.And the toilets seats!!!! Wide enough for even the largest guest! I presume and this is only a guess that it could have something to do with long victorian dresses?????

This wing is far more homely and less baronial. Being on this side of the house is also less noise and no “voices” in the night. Getting my ward to bed was no less easy though… why could he not wear a cravat with his pajama top and dogs tooth herringbone trousers? Possibly no reason really but it doesn’t look good if the “family” see him. as it was, he decided on underwear and I was too worn out to argue…


2 thoughts on “New Quarters

  1. I used to have a copy of What Katy Did that had been a school prize to my grandmother around 1909. I gave it to a cousin for her daughter, which I now regret actually. When I was 11 I had a bad case of Jaundice, and I was very ill in bed for almost three weeks. In that time, my mother read aloud to me. One of the books was either What Katy Did or What Katy Did Next. I had read them both, but I am sure I found the familiarity comforting. It is a fond memory. I read aloud to my sons till they were quite old – books and classics that they were not ready to read on their own. My first husband and I used to read aloud to each other; one book being Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. It is a way of life long lost, isn’t it? You sound such an interesting person. My connection with Nic is that he is a long time friend of my cousin, and then my brother. We all seem to be willing to not be stuck in a rut – to say the least of it!!

  2. Hello Rosemary,I have known Nic since I was 11. We both attended the same Youth Group, traveled on the school bus and have been friends since, though we lost touch for a few years. I loved What Katy Did,Little Women and the like. The two youngest of my six children!! , still like to have what we call a “book day” when housework get thrown to the wind and we read a whole book together with a carpet picnic!No ruts for us I hope, the 50’s are supposed to be the new 30’s… just wish my body could keep up!

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