The everyday life of farming folk.

Today we had some sun!! We had better make the most of it ,this could be “summer” in Scotland!

The retired shepherd ,came home from hospital this morning, he had a slight stroke about two weeks ago. It was the first time in his 80 odd years that he had not only been in hospital but had had to stay INDOORS! …and he has hated it. It will be good to see him motoring around the estate on his mobility scooter again,while his elderly wife gets to run alongside. For the two children left at home, in their forties, it was heart rending to watch them cope without “fayther”.

A baby has arrived at the Garden Cottage, but as I was Captain sitting, I haven’t had time to visit, although I am sure Mum will appreciate time to get on her feet.

The daffodils are carpeting the woods and lining the driveways, ducks are setting up home in the burn and the sheep and cows are growing in girth as spring and new births draw near. The mature calves have been noisy since being separated from their mothers, but I noticed today it was quieter. They are obviously used to it or been dispatched to market.

I love Spring, all that “newness”. Am hoping for a new start for us too, no luck on the job front so far, but I’ll keep pressing on…


One thought on “The everyday life of farming folk.

  1. Greetings,You have an interesting blog site..I enjoyed it and the wonderful photographs. I was blessed with being able to travel through part of Great Britain and Ireland many years ago when my late husband was stationed in Germany. Parts of it looked surreal, like we had stepped into a storybook!Have a super day,Marcy

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