Mixed feelings

I haven’t written on here for a while, mainly because nothing inspiring has happened. My longest relationship in a long time ended abruptly when I realised that I was not the only woman in it, there may have been at least two more.

This is not just sad on a personal level but this man is in a respected and trusted position ,and is ,therefore lying to his congregation, me and himself.( Not to mention the other women involved)

I logged into my bank account yesterday to find that my over draft had been paid off, good news you would think , but unfortunately unless I have an anonymous benefactor, the money is not mine. The banks attitude when I reported it, was that it was my details used to pay it in, therefore it must be mine,” but”, said the cashier reluctantly, “if you want I can trace it..”. I said I certainly did want that ,as if someone could pay money in, did it not follow that they could draw it out? They would be sorely disappointed but that is not the problem; they have my details!I am still waiting…..

My son’s class went on a weeks residential trip this week, myself and a handful of other parents could not afford to send our children. When my son went to school yesterday, he spent the day doing odd jobs and filling in for teaching assistants. Today he refused to go, after a very unpleasant altercation ,I took his sister to school and went to see the head of year and explained the situation. She replied ” oh, don’t worry the children aren’t timetabled for anything this week, we didn’t think it fair while the others were away.” For this read, we don’t know what to do with them, therefore we have not bothered to give them a member of staff or any lesson plans.Suffice to say I can find him more constructive things to do at home.

Add to this an astronomical electricity bill, 12 job refusals and I am feeling sorry for my self… well c’est la vie, thats the way the cookie crumbles ans all that…

Things have got to get better…. haven’t they?????


4 thoughts on “Mixed feelings

  1. Thanks Nic, you are quite right. Biblegateway is a very good site too. I know for sure that God never makes mistakes. I always remember the passage from Ephesians 6, putting on your armour, and if you ground to a halt keep fighting from where you stand.We studied it at camp when we were teenagers on the apple farm. Also I hear the voice of a long past friend who was a surgeon in China, and was locked up in Cheyny (not sure how you spell that) prison for a while. He used to thump on the lectern and shout.. “Consider it pure JOY brothers when trials come your way!…” Thats from James Ch.1.I think all this applying to go back into full time work for the church is upsetting the enemy!

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