Bend in the river

It has been a long held belief, passed down through generations that my family is descended from vikings. They are believed to have come over in the raids on the south coast and settled in Devon. My grandfather found family graves in Devon but my great grandfather who had farmed there,and his family before him in the 1700’s, thought that originally the Vaters had been in Cornwall mining tin. I read that vikings did actually settle in Cornwall for this purpose. Our name of course, has Germanic origins,coming from an area in northern Germany or even Denmark.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching 1066 Battle for Middle Earth. The story line was a little thin, with not in the way of historical explanation but the battle scenes were highly entertaining if you remember that the blood and gore is only make up. Real fighting men must have been exceedingly strong to fight in that manner and the injuries horrendous. Interesting to me with an interest in anthropology and orthopaedics though.


2 thoughts on “Vikings

  1. It was interesting visiting the Viking Museum in Roskilde, Denmark. I had not realised just how extensively the Vikings had travelled. To the west they discovered America 500 years before Columbus and in the east their influence extended as far as the Black Sea.It must have been terrifying to the inhabitants of the British Isles to see the Viking longships appear on the horizon.

  2. There is an Abraham Vater or Vauter born in Bishops Nympton, Devon in 1718. One of my earliest traceable ancestors on my mother’s side, Zachary Mildon hails from the same place. He was born on 12 June 1608 and died in September 1642. His grandaughter Elizabeth, was born in 1717 and married a chap called Venner.

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