Summer Time

Now that summer has come to the estate and a minor royal visit is planned, the place is getting spruced up.

The courtyard doors, about 8 of them,which resemble crumbling teeth, because the wood at the bottom is so rotten that some of it has fallen off, are battleship grey with undercoat,making the space seem so much lighter. It does seem a shame that they couldn’t have been replaced or at least repaired before painting. The two double carriage doors that face out onto the gardens have had pieces of board roughly nailed to the fronts and sealed with bathroom sealant.All of this will soon be agricultural green.

The painters apprentice has been doing the work. I watched him take a whole day to sandpaper and I use the word loosely the iron railings that lead from my house to the ground.Today he undercoated them using a roller! He’s a sweet boy, but needs a bit more tuition I think.

Another apprentice has been taken on in the garden. he is actually making a difference to the gardens, where he has been working with the lady of the house. He arrives with his bicycle and rather snazzy trailer filled with tools. He often chats about the dogs and loves our Springer.

The first day that he began work ,I did wonder how he would fare, as he walked the lawn mower across the main lawn ,diagonally, from the castle to the stables. There was a magnificent, straight path cut into the grass. Luckily by the time the grass was mown again ,it blended in.He now cuts in neat rows, where he once tried a hoovering technique,he is a fast learner!

Yesterday he brought home our terrier who had been wondering the estate. Somehow the dog had nipped out when I brought the shopping in and had taken himself for a walk. Good thing he was seen.

Fayther is back on his “scooter”, motoring around the estate,and his speech is much improved. The baby at the Garden Cottage is smiling and growing fast. They have recently been burgled for the 4th time.It must be because they are set well back in the wood behind the walled garden. I’ve started to walk the dogs along their drive to keep an eye while they are out, the head gardener is also working up there at present too.

A new family have moved into the Gate Lodge, at the “back gate”, I’ve seen the children playing around the farm.The Front gate lodge was sold a few years ago, and has a beautiful metal gate fashioned as a crinoline lady, in exactly the same design as a fire stand my mother once had.

The Captain has been out and about observing the beef cattle, I walked him home one sunny lunch time, as he wasn’t sure which way it was. The girl in the kitchen was just taking in a large box of strawberries grown in the garden, laid out on deep green cabbage leaves….. mouthwatering.

Next week we are on “holiday” the first break for some years. The children will be staying with their sisters while The Swede and I have a little time in Chichester.