One door shuts…. wheres the open one?

Well, I was a bit miffed when I rang the college to tell them at last I had got all the complicated things such as child care, funding etc. in place, the woman on the end of the phone said,” No you can’t start, you are two weeks too late.” Despite my protestations the phone call was terminated. A tutor duly phoned to say he was sorry, I got very cross, and complained bitterly to no avail. The door was firmly shut.

I suppose I felt let down, unwanted,and extremely worried about how I was now going to support my children. Thankfully my benefits are still temporarily in place,and I am praying that I won’t have to join the dole queue,that I can find a job before my Income support is removed.

I applied for a post in Dunblane but got the usual letter saying SO many REALLY qualified people had applied, I wasn’t in the running. Have had so many I could wallpaper the walls.

So where does God want me? Obviously here for now, maybe I am just looking too far ahead and should walk slower? But where does using my brain and planning for the future come in?

A plus just recently is that I have found a church where I feel at home, The C of S was not for me ,but this little Baptist church that is just beginning to grow is friendly and has some good bible based teaching.

So I will just keep walking for now…….


One thought on “One door shuts…. wheres the open one?

  1. It may not be a door you should be looking for. Try the windows. Is there a trap door to the cellar or an access to an attic space?Its frustrating I know. There is so much good I want to achieve, but am held back for lack of funds. I must surely be in the right place after all this effort. I am now impatient to get started. Anyone got 30000 Pds swashing about they don't need?One of the main products traded here is abaca. From it the people make all sorts of things like fans, sandals, shopping bags, purses etc. Te items are very cheap. For a long while now I have wondered whether, if I shipped these items to UK you would be able to sell them there.Initially I would purchase and ship, you would sell and we split the proceeds. If it works you could order the products from me and sell them for yourself keeping all profit.If the idea interests you I could put together a sample box and send to you.

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