It’s Christmas….again.

AS the last of the children get older Christmas morning is much more civilised. My eldest son (28) and I were up gone midnight wrapping presents and listening to midnight mass, when I saw my daughter(numero 4)’s hamster in the hallway. As I am not good with rodent type things I called to Matt to catch it, but as he opened the kitchen door our border terrier shot between his legs and despatched it in a flash to hamster heaven!

What to do? How could I report the death to it’s loving owner on Christmas morning when she is opening presents.
We decided to dispose of the body before it was seen and Matt took it to the field at the back of the farm. When there because of the frozen snow, it seems that burial at sea was best. He slid the body into the burn that runs out to the River Irvine. He said he felt as if he should play the last post. Any way the little body bobbed along the burn then got stuck on some twigs, he then had to find a tree branch to poke it further along. Not easy in temperatures of minus 4.

This morning we confessed that Nibbles was no more, but didn’t go into detail. Some tears were shed and this afternoon we attended ,with Barbie dolls and the two dogs( one the murderer!) a short funeral /memorial service. My daughter at peace in the fact that if God knew when a sparrow fell, He knew about Nibbles.

Now she wants a cat……..