A New Year

Reading todays scripture portion in Mark 1. I imagine in my mind a busy fishing village with men working on nets ,repairing boats with the sunshining ,people bustling about chatting and laughing ,getting on with everyday life.
Then Jesus comes along, and these seasoned fishermen ,just leave….. they had no idea where the journey would take them, the hardships along the way… they just knew that they could not help themselves… they were drawn to follow.

I remember the first time I met Jesus, I was also drawn to follow.I could not stop myself and we have been walking together for 40 years. It has been a difficult journey so far and I am sure it will not always be easy but I am compelled to follow, my life is worthless with out Him.

I am told that in Swedish ,the phrase “Come with me..” is usually used to command a dog. The word “follow” is used to accompany someone. We are not forced to follow Jesus but he accompanies us all the way,never leaving our side… until the end crossing over to the next leg of the journey.


I would love to hear your comments and will try to reply ASAP.

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