A Prayer of Confession

This is a prayer, we have used at the  ” Meet at The Manse” group  (only women at the moment but we are open to any ) It is adapted from a prayer written by a member of the Iona Community, whose name at present escapes me.

Dear Lord,
There are lumps under the carpet that I cannot hoover up
There are cats that need to be let out of bags
There are skeletons that need to be let out of cupboards
Help me Lord to leave them at the foot of your cross……..

Help me to be glad that I left them there
 Thank you for your forgiveness and your everlasting love,

Where two or three are..

January is nearly gone already,I have felt as if I’m on a conveyor belt since Christmas and keep hoping that someone will switch it off!

Our new Family work took off with a bang. Despite living in a remote rural area ,we have welcomed around 50 folk at a go. Some our own church, but at least half ,people who would rather go to the dentist than  come on a Sunday. We cook them a meal, chat to them while they do something crafty with their Grandchildren or own kids, we sing a song, have a story and wave them off…. and they keep coming back. I have been amazed too at the wonderful teamwork and the way our two separate Parishes are working together.

I could have done with some teamwork today, at long last our son has a “real ” bed, after camping in his room for the past year. The man in the shop said that it was easy to assemble, so I looked forward to the challenge when the men from Glasgow arrived at the crack of dawn with brown boxes full of bits.

I laid out all the screws, washers, bolts and parts, and started on page one,  “Assemble head and foot board”, it said .Easy peasy! Page two, “Three people are recommended for this part of the assembly.” I read. Hmmm, I looked at the dogs, no poseable thumbs! So with 4 paperbacks and a stool I balanced the other parts and screwed it together. Two hours later , a bed.

Son came in from school and commented ” It’s a bit narrow I’ll fall off, and I don’t like the way you arranged my bedroom.”  He gets NO TEA!

The Rev. has been at meetings in Edinburgh for the past two days. He will come in and tell me how tired he is, and ask me what I did today, because women at home sit and watch TV all day ,don’t they. I have cleaned out hens, walked dogs, built a bed, done the washing, three baskets of ironing,(why do I leave it SO long!) and pinched some snowdrops from the churchyard for a flower arrangement. Inbetween times I have manned the study and answered the phone and written notes on ” post it’s” for him. Now it’s time to feed the returning children, well one , I forgot I’m not feeding “him”, but I expect I’ll give in….

It’s Over!

Yes, the computer is mine, at last!
All the blogs I’ve read recently from folk here in Scotland have been about the foul weather we have had lately. Well today,the sun, yes, I said sun, that’s enough to make Scottish men rush outside in T shirts, is shining, the wind has dropped and we have electrickery! What more can you ask for.

Add to that the children returned to school today, so as it was the Rev’s day off, we dissapeared into the woods away from the phone. The view over Kilmartin Glen from the top of the hills was fantastic and most of the fallen trees had been cleared so the walk was fairly easy

These photo’s were taken in Summer.(not mine)

It was good to get out,I had Christmas up to here! Our own day was good, but if I had to sing “Hark the Herald Angels Sing” just one more time, I might have run screaming from the building. It started in early December and didn’t stop until the big day. We accuse ” non church goers ” of turning the whole thing into a consumer festival,but then we over do it , yes Advent is a time of preparation, and one of the most important events in the Church calender, I am overwhelmed that God sent his son to save us ,but I attended SO many services (not always willingly, but it was rude not to and I’d be missed), that the wonder and mystery of it all vanished and I just felt relieved that it was all over. Next year I vow to treat it like Christmas dinner, not to indulge too much, leave wanting more.

The children, well no longer, young people, as a friend pointed out to me on Sunday, are absent during the day, lovely,but I miss the  chatter from my daughter if she can tear her self away from the computer long enough,and the” becoming more musical as days go by” twanging from my son’s electric guitar, but at last I have access to their rooms!!! This morning I wish I hadn’t looked as I waded my way towards their beds. I was reminded of the song “The Twelve Days of Christmas”

On the last day of the Christmas holidays,my children left for me:
12 Roses chocolate wrappers
11 Empty crisp packets
10 screwed up tissues
9 dried up felt pens
8 various phone/electronic device chargers (tangled)
7 bits of cotton wool soaked in nail polish
6 Kirby grips
5 False nails (did she only have them on one hand?)
4 pairs of ear phones
3 empty Tesco Sparkling Water bottles
2 deodrant cans
A Mr Kipling French Fancies Box

Hope you all have A very Peaceful and Happy New Year.