Do you want a lift?

It is rare ,when the Rev. is away ,that I get offered a lift to church. As my friends’ husband was taking the service today, they offered to pick me up from the main road.
I walked through the Glen listening to the birds chirping, lambs frollicking in the fields, enjoying the quiet. I thought if I stood on the grass at the side of the road ,they would see me ,I could hop in and we could get to the service in plenty of time.
A car approached at some speed and screeched to a halt, it was an Elder and his wife, I declined their offer of a lift ,as Louise was sure to come by soon. Another Elder in his battered landrover,spluttered past, having collected my 91 year old friend from high up on the hillside inaccessible to any other kind of vehicle.. I would have had to climb in the back to get a lift with them,or sit on my elderly friends’ knee, soI felt I should definately wait for Louise.
Time was getting on as the wife of a retired Minister, who married the Rev. and I, pulled up. She drove through a large puddle that soaked me in muddy water from the knees down, and offered another lift. As we were talking, another car pulled in , in front of her, ” Look she said ,your lift has arrived.”, I rushed off and got  in the back of the car, yelling greetings, it took me a couple of minutes to register that this couple were not infact the friends coming to collect me, but another retired Minister and his wife. I ‘m not sure who was most surprised,  especially as I exclaimed , “Oh , you’re not the right people!”.  They had stopped as they thought something must be wrong as the Ministers wife was obviously hitching a lift to church. I got out again, and as they dissapeared up the road to church, my friend arrived ,without her husband, who had suddenly become ill. She had brought the order of service and the sermon in the hope that someone could stand in.

As it happened the Session clerk  took a very enjoyable service using the well planned out notes supplied by the sick Reader.
As they say you wait ages ,then three come along at once.


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