Hen talk.

My hens talk to me,they do really!  Mrs Fergueson,named after the family who sold her to us, comes running along with her funny side to side  gait, and almost purrs deeply in her throat, a sort of “cuup,cuup,” noise, which she knows will melt my heart,and reward her with a little corn. the others,who are not so bold, being mongrels, not like Mrs F. who is a beautiful Barnevelder, come running and softly purr to each other.

When eggs are laid everyone finds their voice and the treasure is announced to the world. Mrs. F. comes into her own on these occasions, with such raucous squawking that she can be heard along the entire glen, she also lays large brown eggs with amazing orange yolks.

The Rev., on a Parish visit, to another hen keeping couple fell in love with a cockerel called Henry,he was apparently magnificent,both in stature and colour, who stood on the gate and crowed most of the day. The couple are moving away and Henry can’t go, but thankfully he had already been found a home. I am sure that our neighbours would not have appreciated him. They tolerate the barking and howling of our 3 dogs who act as if they have been abandoned for ever ,when we have really just gone to the shops. A cockerel no, are you listening Vicar???


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