Flying Free

The Rev. and I took a couple of days off, we didn’t go far, but in a place convenient enough to drop the children,( sorry , young adults), off at their brothers’ and the dogs at the kennels. Our Archaeologist neighbour minded the hens,and we were away.

Someone at Church the previous Sunday had joked about us walking in snow. He was right!, as we set out on our first walk ,large snowflakes fell, big enough to get in your eyes and settle on the ground. Did we care? , no way, it was as if we’d been let out of a cage, or as we see in the Glen just now, animals being let out into the fields after a winter indoors!

We walked our legs off, looking at wildlife, countryside,even Peregrines. At night we ate in the bar, where Paul, our lovely waiter, attended to our dietary needs, even finding things from a different menu, as I’m dairy intolerant, I don’t mean I hate cows , just can’t eat what they produce. We usually hostel, but this time as a birthday pressy, I got a swanky Hotel room, with the biggest most comfy bed you could imagine. I  did ask the Rev. if it would fit in the car, but he thought the Hotel might miss it.

We visited every part of the historic site we were staying in and went home with a different kind of exhaustion. Within hours, it felt as if we hadn’t been away, but great memories.

It’s so easy in this job not to notice the pressures until you stand outside the box for a while. I think more regular breaks are necessary, but it will be back to hostelling!


2 thoughts on “Flying Free

  1. Glad you had a good break, Jenni. Am I right in thinking the photo is of New Lanark? I haven’t visited it, but have an interest in Robert Owen as he was born in the Mid-Wales town where I used to work. 🙂

    1. It is New Lanark, it’s well worth a visit! I’m actually reading a book by Ian Donnachie called ” Robert Owen Social Visionary”. He is an inspiring character and one that we could use nowadays.

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