Fowl, food and fellowship.

I don’t seem to get much time to blog these days.Although I’m not sure where the days go to, I look forward to weekends but they feel the same as week days. Every hour seems accounted for.

I love it , but sometimes I’d like to sit down and not wonder if I should be planning something.

Yesterday , I built a chicken coup. The Rev. knocked some posts in for me , and I spent the day fencing and constructing a gate, with which I was quite pleased. I had hammered in so many staples I had to sit with my arm wrapped in a heat pad. It even hurt to move my fingers! The pen is to protect the veggie patch because  “The Girls” are good at digging and don’t care what’s planted there.

Mrs F. and Murph got broody at the same time, Mrs F. sat on top of Murph most of the time , she knew she was supposed to hatch something but was unclear what. We got them some fertilised eggs to sit on from a friends flock, they settled down nicely but after 48 hours got bored and went off sun bathing. I have the eggs in the airing cupboard. I don’t have time to keep turning them so I doubt they will come to much.

I was looking forward to some fluffy chicks to raise but c’est la vie!

Animals take a lot of love and attention, just trying to keep them healthy and happy. I won’t tell them that weare having spicy chicken wings at the Pentecost Messy Church Event.

Our Messy Church has been well attended by those who wouldn’t normally come to Church. We hold this all age gathering in village halls around the two parishes mid week. One parish is far more supportive than the other. We are missing folk aged under 40 from our congregations and we need to find ways to reach them, and this seems to do just that. Working on a theme, such as events in the Bible, or the “I am..” sayings we have food that “fits”, Shepherds Pie for sheep and shepherds, chicken wings for Pentecost, “Wings” to represent the Holy Spirit, tongues of fire were a bit dangerous! Although we shall have cup cakes with tongues of icing fire on them.

For “Creation” , the session clerk set up a “bar” of soft drinks. Folk could make themselves fruit cocktails in champagne glasses complete with melon balls, umbrellas and cherries on sticks, we had forbidden fruit skewers and Primordial Stew (sausage and baked bean casserole ). Sharing a meal together with the families that come ,makes them feel apart of our fellowship,and gives us a chance to get to know them, we then make various crafty things , paint and stick, sing and pray, and that ‘s worship.

The “old and bold” as the Rev. calls them, find this difficult, but they fail to realise that in a few years our churches may not exist , we are called to make disciples, Jesus took people on pic nics, so we do too.

One chap was heard to say ” My church is NOT Messy, mine is perfect.” He may find that he is the only member.