Shake Rattle and Roll

Having spent 12 hours attached to a monitor at the local hospital this weekend, I was glad to get to Church, not because I desperately needed to hear the Rev. speak but because I was just so pleased to be able to go.
I woke up just after 3am on Saturday feeling mighty peculiar, so I found the blood pressure monitor and tip-toed of to the front room to check. Finding my blood pressure at boiling point and my pulse higher than a racing drivers I alerted the Rev. and we set of for A&E. Luckily ,despite being very rural we a G.P run unit and 2 hospital wards.
I was threatened with a transfer to a unit further away that could shock me back into sinus rhythm , I didn’t relish that much and had a quick chat with God, explaining that although I was quite prepared to go home (I honestly thought I was on my way out!) if that was where He wanted me, I did have quite a bit I still wanted to get done down here. He must have heard because very suddenly my heart resumed normal service, much to my relief.


The reason that I am recounting this is not to get sympathy but to illustrate that until you get something like this you don’t realise just how many in the congregation are coping with all kinds of illness. I was told that I was not allowed to services this morning ,but rather than stay at home and mull over the past few hours I decided that I would rather be with friends, and on the whole our worship doesn’t require a lot of physical effort.

No one expected me ,so I got into a bit of trouble with some of the ladies but I crept into a pew as the bell was ringing, I got very nasty looks from the Minister but he wasn’t in a position to say too much. After the service, at least 4 folk told me that they had the same thing, and one had survived far worse than me. I had a good laugh with some of my “Meet at the Manse” ladies and felt so good, I went to the next parish with the” boss”, who said, ” Be it on my own head…”.

After this service, another 6 folk told me of heart problems, some horrendous stuff, and I was given a lot of decent advice about taking things easy from a retired Minister. Had another good chat with the other members of the “M at the M” group, and felt recharged. I’m so glad I decided to go, that’s what the Body of Christ is for, mutual support and love. I could understand what others had been through and they found me more approachable and were able to share their own worries. Hopefully we all went home feeling that someone had listened.
I also got to chat to a potential new church member and support a friend who has a vision for an exciting production for Christmas to share with the wider community.

The worship which I would normally moan about to my better half seemed fresh, the hymns that weren’t the liveliest in the book sounded good, just because I could appreciate still being in a fit state to attend. It is never pleasant when God gives us a shake up, but there are great benefits to be had, and I must have needed to be shaken out of my complacency. All I can say is Thank you Lord but please don’t do it again , at least only if necessary!


I would love to hear your comments and will try to reply ASAP.

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