Away with the midges.

Just had a week away, it was much needed and I had medical permission to go if I took things easy.

We had a beautiful Lodge beside Kielder Water, and walked and cycled gently, well as gently as I could,you do have to go uphill sometimes. Looked around Hexham and the small villages, shopped a bit and investigated the Roman ruins.

We came to the conclusion that the midges of Northumberland have a worse bite than those in Argyll, we live here in the midst of the Forestry Commission land surrounded by Lochs, and holidayed in more Forestry Commission land surrounded by Lakes, some man made, but it didn’t matter, it was the break that we needed.

We came home to a garden we didn’t recognise, mowed, strimmed and tidy, a spotless house, with things I’d been meaning to fix ,fixed! The washing I had left in the basket done and food in the fridge. All thanks to my in-laws who had been hen sitting.

I wonder if it will look like this when we let my  eldest son and family house sit while we are on our week at “Clan” in St. Andrews, I doubt it…..




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