Hunger in the U.K ?

I was listening to Radio 4 this morning while trying to convince myself to get out of bed. It was an article about a Food Station in Salisbury, yes Salisbury UK! I listened to an educated woman  with two children saying that she hadn’t had a decent meal in 5 days as she gave her food to her children, and to give them a decent meal she had to rely on charity. She had only £10-15 a week for food. This is not the first report I have heard lately, a few weeks ago I heard of a centre which I think was in Glasgow, where a 5 year old sat on the window outside everyday for them to open so that she could eat. Another child brought his two brothers for food everyday. Their situation may have been somewhat different as their parents had a drug habit, but at least they could get help.

I know myself of a child who lives nearby who has special dietary needs, but gets leftover takeaways for breakfast or custard because her mother spends most of their money on alchohol and goes missing at night when she is found passed out on the pavement somewhere.

Whatever their situation ,hunger should not be a problem in this country. Two years ago I was there myself, unemployed though I applied for hundreds of jobs, and hardly any money for food. We often had a day when we only ate soup or less, or I went without a meal to feed my children.

I went to church every week ,but no one knew we were hungry, and I was far to proud to tell anyone. I praise God for his wonderful provision of a loving husband who now cares for us. I have been thinking of ways that I could alleviate this situation for even just one family. Of course I could donate to a charity, but as Churches, we must check that our families on very low incomes or single parent families,and children in our church organisations are receiving enough food. If you don’t like to ask, collect some groceries and leave them on a doorstep with a note saying it’s a gift from your Church.

Once when I was a Bible College student and had nothing for my family at Christmas, I came home to find two bags of groceries from the Salvation Army. It was the most wonderful present ever. These people are our neighbours and whether their problems are self made or because of the economic climate, no family should be without food. Jesus said that if we do it for them ,we do it for him.


6 thoughts on “Hunger in the U.K ?

  1. Hear, hear, Jenni. Food banks are springing up everywhere and here in France too there are plenty of them, even in rural Normandy. I know of them run by churches, charities and neighbourhood volunteers and every one of them could feed more people if they had enough food.

  2. I totally agree with you, we are to be Jesus hands and feet and it is shocking that in our very affluent country (despite recession) there should be people who don’t have enough to eat. It’s very easy to judge people and think that it is their own fault but its never as simple as that.

    1. Thank you both for your comments, I have been looking at The Trussell Trust Foodbank ideas. Since I married the Rev. “ladies” have been meeting at the Manse and over the year the group has grown to 10 members, I am hoping that we may be able to put our faith into practice and at least provide the recommended shopping bag items or what would be even more exciting a foodbank of our own. First of all I must get praying !!!!

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