Oakey Dokey

I dabble with paint a bit, usually oils or acrylics and recently I’ve tried some art pencils. I’m not very good , although I did sell a couple of things some years ago.I only got as far as A level but I do it because I enjoy it.

This weekend has seen the “Art Map” trail in progress. Each artist who has a studio in the area, paints or has a wooden red circle outside their premises and maps are produced, then anyone interested can tour the studios ,view the work and purchase anything they can’t resist.

There are some very talented people in Mid Argyll. The Rev. and I have seen delicate glass work, beautiful landscapes, some abstract pieces , wood turning and photography. Our absolute favourite was a young man called Thomas Waterhouse who makes furniture,of the most beautiful design. He had made an oak bench which was supposed to go outside, but I had a brilliant idea! As we cannot seat enough people in The Manse living room on chairs at a meeting, we could put this against the wall and seat about 5 at a time. Apart from the fact that I wanted to stroke the wood as well,it comes from a beautiful piece of my favourite tree. I was brought up in a village called Broad Oak, because of the large tree in the center .

I noticed some drift wood mobiles for sale, but thought that I could possibly make these myself. I also have a whim to make a largish celtic cross. I may have to get the help of my “engineer” son to build the frame. So if the weather improves, a friend phoned from the next village to say that the Loch was already half way up her garden, I am going to out to collect drift wood. My children will sigh as I often arrive home with pieces of wood that I find interesting.

“Look! ” , I say, “Don’t you think that this looks like a dragon/snake/face etc. ?” They just roll their eyes and think, she’s at it again!

Well must go and hoover and rearrange the furniture to fit my yummy plank of oak in.



I would love to hear your comments and will try to reply ASAP.

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