Paint your nails or put your Rugby boots on?

In past years women have campaigned for equal rights. Our great great grandmothers gave their lives in the suffragette movement so that women could vote. Our husbands can no longer throw us out and keep the children and our pay in most respects is fairly equal.

But how far do we want to go, and is being feminine important at all? Do men want us to be softer , feel a need to protect us, or do they want an equal partner who can do anything that they can? A female friend of mine is an electrical engineer and has rewired our churches and put in my cooker and kitchen lights.

I am commenting on this because my slender attractive teenage daughter is being taught Rugby. I know it isn’t supposed to be a contact sport, but they are being taught to tackle . She absolutely hates it, and I noticed that as P.E. days approach that she gets a very sore ankle. I have written two notes, but now think that I might bring this up at the next parents evening.

I loathed any kind of sport at school, mainly because I have little co ordination, but I was taught by a manly “woman” who thought that women were weak and useless and if I didn’t perform well was ridiculed and left on the side lines.

We saw fantastic , feminine woman take part in the Olympics, although they had stomachs like boards and a few had shoulders the Rev. dreams off ( for himself , well …) But they were there because they wanted to be.

So which is it, a soft framed feminine woman who works alongside her husband, in a relationship where he is ultimately the head, loving her as himself, or a more masculine strong equal partner who can knock up a garden shed, play Rugby on a Saturday while hubby shouts encouragement from the sidelines.
I know I’ve taken this a bit far but the “roles” and appearance of women has become blurred. I don’t mean that I want my daughter to look like something out of a fashion magazine, but on the other hand I’d like her to grow up knowing that there is nothing wrong with being feminine.

Surely there are sports that girls can do at school, which can be enjoyable and don’t require them to behave like Spartan women.


One thought on “Paint your nails or put your Rugby boots on?

  1. I am with you on this completely, my daughter, now 22 has been delightfully feminine all her life and from the time she uttered her first words she insisted on wearing at least a skirt or preferably the prettiest dress she could find in the wardrobe. She too had to face pressure from her school to play rugby, she hated it! Unsurprisingly she also developed some mysterious injury prior to PE day. When in High School the PE department eventually noticed that many of the young girls were not keen to participate in sport and put on a dance class for them instead this was very well received and attended. I’m all for participation in sport and excercise in school but come on…. let’s make it appropriate!

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