Hear no evil, see no evil.

I have been off the air for a week. The thunder rumbled and lightning flashed , then it hit the home hub. We phoned BT, Bangladesh Telecom. A nice lady called “Carol” ?, had the Rev. running around the house with a screwdriver undoing telephone sockets, I imagine if you live in a developing country you are more likely to have tools handy and a bit of DIY knowledge. The Rev. doesn’t, he is excellent at other things but not DIY.

Carol and her colleagues rang back every other day to see if it had miraculously cured itself, but by the fifth day she decided that we might need an engineer. The Rev. was very calm and used his best pastoral voice when speaking to her, while I yelled , “tell the blank blank woman we need a new hub, I have internet withdrawal symptoms, and it’s not nice to witness!”

I am internet dependent, I am lost without being able to see photo’s of my grandchildren, chat to my daughters and son in various parts of the UK. I want to bank , shop, look up information, log into my college account and access my course.I want to surf endlessly to avoid doing housework. How much we rely on technology!

However, I did write a 2000 word essay using BOOKS! Those old fashioned things with pages! The Rev. was quite pleased as his e.mail box was inaccessible and he could get on with hymn choosing and sermons. He may have regretted it today when the total in the box was over 200.

My essay was concerning the elderly in church.Now a  pastoral concern of mine,( that was what the assignment was called ).Our congregation is an Autumn one , to put it poetically. Most have a bit of snow on the roof, if they are not already follicly challenged. But our elderly and least active are in their 90’s, and there are a few.

I was waiting for an appointment at the local surgery, and managed to talk to quite a few parishioners, the surgery and the Co op are always places that you need loads of time! I met a lady who is a stalwart of the church and we swapped diagnoses ,as you do. It turned out that although she is in church every Sunday and sits near the front, she cannot see the Rev. I know of at least  4 others who cannot hear him despite  hearing aids and one completely blind with hearing difficulties. So as I was writing from 1 Timothy 5, I’ll let you look that up, I began to think about ways that we could improve worship for these folk. None as far as I know can sign.Image A screen with subtitles sounds good, but I don’t know how you would sort that out or what cost would be involved, and then there are those who still think that technology is of the devil!

An interesting problem which I will delve into. I take it for granted that I can hear the readings and sermon, how terrible it would be if it was muffled, well not always….didn’t mean it dear!







I would love to hear your comments and will try to reply ASAP.

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