After only three days…….

I was sitting in my bed reading a magazine wile two young men cleaned my en-suite room. in the adverts they wear suits and bow ties and are extremely muscle bound while they wait on a lounging woman.

Unfortunately mine were wearing green uniforms and plastic aprons. Yes, you guessed it, 3 days after being discharged from hospital , I was back.

My ex son-in-law, I hate calling him that, but thats the way it is, sent me a poster which says “Be Kind To Nurses, They Stop Doctors Killing you.” I and the staff on the ward have laughed about this in the past, but on this occasion it was true.

Being in a rural community hospital in the depths of Scotland, a G.P. I had never met before ,phoned a Registrar 85 miles away who ordered treatment without knowing much about me.

I was so thankful for the experienced Sister (who also works for Marie Curie),who stopped the treatment after one dose.Hence I am still here to tell the tale. She and her colleagues nursed me through some very unpleasant side effects and cuddled me when it all got too much and I cried buckets.

Was it coincidence that she was on duty? No,definitely not, and I praise God for her.

When the shifts change and the staff arrive the patients look on ,usually with relief, but now and again our hearts sink . I do hope that my patients were glad to see me and that I was kind. I learnt a lot the other night , treat people how you want to be treated yourself. Oh yes, thats what Jesus meant when he said ” Love your neighbour as yourself “.


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