Having just read the Curates wife’s blog,where I had advised her to have “fun” in the next part of her life , and she was debating what that was , I also got to thinking, what is fun? Admittedly I haven’t had much lately or have I?

When did I last really laugh…

was it when the staff nurse said “I’ll just take your blood pressure..” and switched the machine on, she went over and leant  on the A& E counter waiting for a result.Should I have told her that it wasn’t attached to my arm as a large black balloon emerged over the side of my monitor. We fell about laughing, made worse by her colleague who then played it like the bagpipes.

Was it going out for a walk with my best friend in the pouring rain last week around the Loch , seashore and village while we shared news and funny anecdotes and prayed for friends as we passed their houses. 

Was it at the “Concert” where local folk played Scottish Music live on whistles , accordion and fiddle in a village hall with tables full of cakes and tea, in a fashion only highlanders can do. Our feet tapped out the rythmn on the wooden floor and our hearts danced.

Was it having coffee with a parishioner who told me about her large interesting family and their achievements.

Was it when I was chatting to God, and I think he smiled at my silliness, sometimes He makes me laugh too, and joy bubbles up inside..

Yes, I do have fun, sometimes I just don’t notice!



I would love to hear your comments and will try to reply ASAP.

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