We’re putting on a show…

We all arrived for our singing practice at the Church. There were about 16 of us and that’s not bad for a cold highland night. Unfortunately our patient music teacher, and that is what she is by trade, couldn’t make it.
It had been arranged for us to sing to a C.D of backing music, so that we could at least get a grip of the tunes. However, it seemed that the person bringing the C. D. player wasn’t able to make it, after a quick phone call by someone who lived just across the road, we arranged for another player to be brought, and one of our choir thought that she had a C.D in her handbag.
Player set up ,we waited to get started on our rendition of Grahame Kendricks’ “The Gift” , sitting waiting for our intro we were surprised to hear the dulcet tones of Nat King Cole, on further inspection, thats what we had “The unforgettable Nat King Cole” C.D.
Thankfully another person in the choir belongs to the Running Club, she sprinted home and got the right disc…… Hopefully by the end of November we might sound halfway decent ….


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