There we were underground, in a maze of dingy corridors. The temperature was tropical,there were no windows and it was extremely stuffy. We sat on plastic chairs and grew hotter, dozens of us packed in together.
The Rev. and I had got up at 5.30 am, to walk dogs, clean out chickens,grab a quick shower and wake up teenagers, who had to get themselves to school. We left the house at 7.30 and the bus at 8. We then traveled nearly 100 miles, just for the privilege of sitting for nearly an hour in these conditions.

We were in the Out Patients department at one of the City Hospitals. The Nurses looked grubby , had their baggy uniform tops ever seen an iron?, and they were munching on food out of their pockets while they propped up the waiting room wall. Can you tell what kind of Ward Sister I was?.. Four receptionists. planned their Christmas shopping whilst hardly looking at patients who queued to be sent to seats.

I was second to last in the queue, I think because I phoned yesterday to say that there was a landslide and flooding at the mountain pass and I’d be late. A young woman came and collected me, and sat me down.She introduced herself as the consultant cardiologist. Surely not I thought, she was no older than my eldest daughter!Here I was about to trust her with my life and I’d started nursing before she was born!
It amazing isn’t it, we plead with God for healing and when he says I’m not actually going to heal you right now, but I know a man who can, (or woman in my case), we say , no we don’t want that, we don’t want to be healed by anything that might cause us pain, or discomfort. We don’t want to be patient and brave. We want God to reach out like it’s recorded in the Gospels and heal us right now.

But, coming to terms with God’s way of doing things is very beneficial,:
1. We learn to trust him.
2. Our faith grows.
3. Our character is strengthened.
4. We can testify to others that God is in control, and doesn’t make mistakes.

I’m sure that their are many other benefits, not just our healing.

As this young lady described step by step , the procedure of getting inside my heart and freezing bits of it, I would like to have crawled under her desk and rocked silently!
She then said but it’s up to you,whether you have it done, but it won’t get better on it’s own. Some choice, so I smiled weakly and signed up. It won’t be before Christmas, she informed me, phew I thought, couldn’t cope with that anyway.
Next I was sent for a heart trace, and and even grubbier young “boy” stuck the 12 leads on me, his Glaswegian accent was so strong I just about understood him, but he didn’t understand a word I said, even though I tried my best BBC English. So we did it in silence and smiled at each other. He then ripped of all the stickers with such rapidity, that I thought he had missed his vocation in life and should be doing the waxing at a beauty salon.
Now I was free to go, I passed someone in full theatre garb, hat, gown the lot ,wandering about in the crowds in reception, and they worry about where cross infection comes from!

Even the city air seemed fresh as we surfaced.We cheered ourselves up with an Indian Meal, then went and met my son,wife and grandaughter, who ate carrot puffs and played throw the dolly on the floor and see how many times Grandma will pick it up. The Rev. took over teaching her “Heads ,Shoulders, Knees and toes”, which encouraged her to sit with her hands on her head for a while, before we went o see the “lights” and some shops. The Rev keeping the small person quiet by changing the words of that terrible No. 1 song which I don’t understand, but has the lyrics “Ganlam style” or similar, which he changed to “Grandad style”.
The late bus got us in at 9 pm, absolutely shattered.

Well, my prayer for healing is going to be answered, sometime in the New Year, it isn’t going to be pleasant, but I will pray that they all develope their skills in the meantime and at least they will all be a little older!


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