A Three Legged Race

A Three Legged Race


When God  tied our ankles together to run the three legged race,

He gave us our number and He blessed us on our way,

Kissed our heads and said “Ready,steady,GO!”

And we set off with our arms around each other

Not caring where we were going.

Along the way we got tired and thought about our selves

Our legs wouldn’t move in time and we murmured and moaned to God.

We said,  Are you sure that you have this right Lord?

Surely you meant us to run this race in separate categories.

We thought that we were faster than one another,fitter, more qualified to run.

But God said ,You must keep in the right lane and try harder

Move your feet together and the tie will not chafe your skin

Stop straining and pulling against one another and the pain will cease.

Put my healing balm on your wounds

Get up and keep running.

As you promised me that you would compete together in my name.

I promise you that I will be your trainer forever.

I will encourage you on and wave flags, I will shout your names like a proud Father at sports day

watching his children try so hard.

Tie the knot tighter……..Ready,Steady , GO!


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