I’ve started …so I’ll finish

Saturday saw the commencement of the “Lay Worship Leaders Course”. We were greeted with a cup of tea and some very nice people are taking part. They all come from the same Parish,and knew each other well, my only comrade from the Rev’s Parishes was away this weekend , so I was on my tod. It was of no consequence because everyone was friendly.

I hadn’t expected rocket science, but perhaps my expectations were a bit high. We spent the morning learning how to look up the correct text for the week in the Lectionary, and the afternoon choosing five hymns to go with it. I have to remember that other folk may not have done this, but I do this most weeks, sometimes out of interest, sometimes to save the Rev. a bit of time.

Next week it’s reading prayers from the Book of Common Order. I find the language of some of these a bit archaic, but others love them. So as I have been told to keep my head down and my mouth shut , my husbands advice, as he knows that I am a motor mouth, and just aim for the certificate at the end. I shall
try to do just that.
Now I must go and do my homework…choose a lectionary reading and find five hymns to go with it, and the reason why they do. More next week…..


2 thoughts on “I’ve started …so I’ll finish

    1. I wouldn’t describe it as boring, it’s good revision and good fellowship with folk from other churches, I must have sounded rather negative. I think that because I’ve been so used to studying at Uni/college level I wasn’t prepared for this,and expected more because I had to submit a kind of C.V to get on the course. There are more sessions to come and I may be surprised! I do hope that my input will be of use to someone else. Thank you for your comment!

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