The Silly Season

The Silly season has begun, and every year I think that I will cut down on what I do.
Our two choral/musical presentations went well, except that my heart decided to dance about, half way through the second evening and very aware that we were being videoed, I tried not to panic but tell the friend next to me that I felt unwell, unfortunately she is a bit deaf and couldn’t understand what I was saying. Thankfully while a solo was going on we got to sit down, I asked her to check my pulse, she’s an ex nurse too, and as she touched my arm, it stopped, amazing, think what you will.
The second week of my Lay Leaders course arrived, and my prayers were assessed. I’m glad that God doesn’t do that, or none would get answered, just think if an angel sat there and said to God, there’s not much content to this and I don’t like the language she’s used, we won’t bother with this one. Thankfully we have the Holy Spirit to plead for us and he knows our hearts!
Next week our voices are to be assessed, I’ve been using mine in various churches for decades, so it will be interesting to know what our “tutor” makes of it, and the sermon /service I’ve prepared.

I am the angel Gabriel on Sunday at the Family Service, and doing the prayers for the Rev. at the old folks home in the afternoon, cos he has to go to an Episcopal carol service on the dark side.I may get to see our children after Christmas at this rate!
Next week it’s lunches and school shows and Christingle, and carols on the green, and I still have three books of stuff to write for my daughters presents. An idea given to me by a Retired Minister I sat near at the Iona Community Christmas Lunch. His grandchildren had given him a Journal to fill in with 58 questions about his life. So I shouldn’t be writing this…..

The tree is up and the lovely Nativity Set my son made is on a log in front of it, when I was  cleaning before the Ladies Group arrived I could smell something unpleasant, our Terrier thought that I had made him an indoor toilet and he had peed on on the crib scene!  He is not popular!


I would love to hear your comments and will try to reply ASAP.

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