Strictly Come Sermon

I’ve finished! I have spoken in front of congregations before but nothing is as nerve wracking as presenting a sermon in front of other course members. Thankfully though we all felt the same and encouraged each other as much as possible. I had someone elses teeth in and got my reading a bit mixed up, but only my friend from the our church noticed me pray for people at Christmas, when I was supposed to be in the 4th Sunday in lent! I had cribbed my intercessory prayers from the ones I’d used at last weeks service! I must have bored the others listening.

Our illustrious tutor had to listen to 8 sermons on the trot, he was looking a bit jaded by the time we’d finished.We may have passed because he couldn’t stand anymore!

But I have passed and the Rev. is allowed to present me with a certificate. I’m not at all sure he is convinced about my competence but one day he might just need me to stand in.
I shall miss my Saturdays out, .


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