It’s other people that make Christmas special, not the lights, presents or food. It’s spending time with those you see most every week, sharing the same faith , worshiping together and helping each other on our heavenward journey . It’s special because it confirms the important truth which bonds us as a community, God gave us the ultimate gift, his Son.
Few of “the regulars ” were there at the services this year, but those of us who were, shared our wonderment of this amazing gift with packed churches. They only came for the day, and we probably won’t see them until next year, but we prayed that they heard and held the message in their hearts, and just maybe they will return another Sunday.


2 thoughts on “Visitors

  1. louise

    We were sorry to miss the Christmas services but we went to Christingle service in the centre of Norwich, midnight communion and Christmas Day communion at Bowthorpe Worship Centre. It was lovely.

    1. Good for you, hope you had a lovely Christmas! Ford and Bellanoch were packed which was lovely. Alan gave me a drink after the service at theirs. Only after I was half way through did Val tell me it was brandy, Cointreau and champagne with orange juice! I was so full of neighbourly love I gave the Sharon the museum archaeologist next door a chocolate reindeer!

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