Post I.T

My lap top has died, it is no more, thats according to the Postman. What has he got to do with it you ask. Well, in a former life he was an IT whizz kid, I’m not sure how he came to be trudging about the Lochs and Glens of Mid Argyll with the post ,but his knowledge of the computer kind is wonderful. I must admit I usually try to avoid him. Many times he has remonstrated with me about the address some people put on our mail. Often the word Manse is missing, but as I tried to explain, I didn’t actually addtess them myself, but he’s having none of it and tells me to get in touch with the sender!
Once when my son was staying, his dog greeted our postie with great gusto, being very pleased to see him. This did not go down well either, the dogs affection was unwanted, mind you I couldn’t blame him but he’d arrived early and I thought that I had time to let it run in the garden for a bit.
So I was surprised ,yesyerday, when the man arrived with a fistfull of post, to see him smiling. On Saturday I got tough with the Rev. and his hoarding and emptied the garage. The contents that had to go to the tip were piled in the front garden. Among the broken chairs , broken bird feeders, two pairs of wheat filled foot warmers (unopened but now sprouting!), old bicycle parts and general rubbish was the remains of my computer that moved with me when I married the clergyman 2 years ago.
The Posties’ eyes lit up, “Can I have that ? “, he cried looking very excited. “Of course” I said throwing in a few other bits. The Rev. thought this a good time to ask him if he would look at my defunct laptop too. He seemed only too pleased. It did turn out ,however, that nothing could be done, so he is keeping that for parts too.
Perhaps now our relationship will be more friendly. It’s great when you find a way to get to know someone .

I shall be off air a bit while I get my heart fixed next week. Hopefully I shall have something interesting to write about the experience!


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