Jung, belief,faith,knowing.

Thank you to everyone who has commented on the last post. I have sent a letter to the complaints dept. with bullet points Jo, and in medical speak Gerry. I have asked for an acknowledgement of receipt and evidence that all those involved have read my suggestions to improve the experience for others. I have also requested that another Doctor does the repeat performance.I was very aware of God’s presence throughout and maybe my time there was not for my benefit.

I heard a programme on Radio 4, a few weeks ago. An elderly presenter was being interviewed about famous people ,he had interviewed himself. One of his guests had been Carl Jung, a Swiss psychotherapist and psychiatrist. He had asked him ,did he believe in God?. Carl Jung answered ” That is difficult to answer, I know.”

There are differences between belief,faith and knowing. I believe that in France people eat frogs legs. I have not been there but I base my belief on what I read or see on T.V, other people believe it too, or not, that is their choice.

I have faith in Jesus, I cannot see him, but I choose not to doubt, but have confidence in his being alive. Others share this with me. I also believe in love, I cannot see this either.

I know Jesus.I feel him.  This is different, knowledge that he exists and being in a relationship with him comes from the small personal things. The fleeting moments when you actually encounter him. A voice in your head,  a scripture verse that jumps out and hits you between the eyes, answers to prayer, sometimes through others. Those special moments in prayer when his presence is tangible. This is when I know him. Others cannot share this, only encounter him for themselves.

In our hard times Jesus is there, he spent a night in Gethsemene, struggling with fear and trepidation, knowing what was to come.We will not have to face that, and the things we do face will never be too much for us to handle.

Maybe this is what Carl Jung meant when he said “I know”.




5 thoughts on “Jung, belief,faith,knowing.

    1. Yes, faith does involve believing what you cannot see. This was what Jesus said to the disciples after Thomas had felt the wounds in Jesus’ body and Hebrews 11 v. 1 says ” Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.” It is by faith that we come into a relationship with Jesus. The thought that I was trying to share was how much the small encounters with Jesus that we had as individuals brought us close enough to Him to enable us to say “I know”. Job said ” I know that my redeemer lives.” I think the knowing enriches our faith. Thank you for your thought provoking comment. Jenni.

  1. Hi Jenni, good to hear from you.
    This should take you to my Facebook account that has my gmail address on it so you can contact me direct. Or its also on my Google profile.
    Best wishes

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