Home hairdressing!

As the dogs are going to kennels over the next few days I decided that our smelly terrier needed a haircut and a bath. My eldest son usually does this, but since he married an d moved further away, he is not often available.

I have watched him do it on numerous occasions, so I thought, may as well do it myself. I have these moments when I get a bit over-confident, sometimes things work out, sometimes not.

I haven’t been to a hairdresser since 1994. I sat in the chair watching a young girl chop away, and thought I CAN DO THAT! So I taught my self to layer and shape. No one has ever said to me ,”Your hair looks a mess.” So I take it that I look OK.

Therefore what damage could I do to an elderly border terrier who refuses to allow anyone to handstrip him, as borders usually are.

So as the Rev. is conducting a wedding today and attending the reception. If anyone offers him food, he always goes! Not really, they are friends of his. Anyway, I got his hair clippers out, stood the dog on newspaper and we were away. I did the back, most of his tummy and tried to trim his spindly legs, this was when he got bored. He also began to get a bit nippy.

I couldn’t stop because he looked like the dog on Specsavers ,you know the one, the shepherd shears his dog thinking it’s a sheep. His body was pretty sleek but his neck and face were still bushy. For a couple of weeks his “eyebrows” have blocked his vision, So he wriggled and I lunged and the result is a fetching bald patch above his left eye. He got most disgruntled and shot off. That ended my dog grooming.

I plonked him in the bath, he hates water but allowed a shampoo, we then did a blow dry with the hair dryer and poor Monty looks as if the rats got him!

I ‘m not sure what the kennel lady will say, she’s a bit snooty when our three roll up grubby. I think they do grooming there,but I’m not about to pay for the dog to get his hair cut when I don’t.

A nice lady is coming later to look at the hens and is going to see to their needs while we take our break. Murphy has a dodgy leg, but as she looks healthy otherwise, and I can’t find any injury, we are letting things take their course, it will either improve or if not we may have to be tough.

Of our two remaining children ( we haven’t culled the others!) ,left at home, the eldest would not be seen to be on holiday with us ,so is hopefully going to older son, where I hope he will get a haircut too, as he is beginning to resemble an Ouessant sheep.

So with everyone accounted for, and plans made with military precision, we will hopefully get a break.



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