Observations in the City

Back from Edinburgh . A good few days spent in the capital. It was rather like being on an alien planet.

This morning, I sit here at the Rev.’s desk in Argyll,and occasionally a car goes past. I see John the shepherd check the sheep and make a few repairs to the wire pen ,ready for lambing, which by the girth of some of the woolly ladies must come soon. It is snowing gently and the dogs are snoring at my feet. The Rev.  has left to go to his swimming master class. All is tranquil and calm.

I got up on Tuesday morning and made my self a coffee, our first morning in the City, the Rev., of course, was running along the Water of Leith. I sauntered over to the huge windows of our first floor apartment and looked out into the street. Down below on the pavement hundreds of little people scurried down the road at a half run , laden with rucksacks, briefcases and bags. Some were obviously breakfasting on the hoof, and held large baguettes which they bit into as they hurried along. Double decker buses rattled to a halt at the various stops in the street and more people disgorged and joined the throng.

As I stood there almost level with the top of the bus, one rumbled past with a packed top deck, each person holding a newspaper and their heads bent forwards as they read. It looked as if a strong wind had blown through the vehicle and pushed them all forwards.

After about 9 am, everything seemed to settle down. People across the road did their housework, walked dogs and went shopping. It all began again about 5 ish in the afternoon. It’s easy to forget ,when you live in a rural location, that there is a great big world out there, where people live at breakneck speed, cramming their days full of things which keep us all ticking over. We want someone at the bank, the insurance offices. We want to be able to speak to someone in various call centres about technology. We want to shop at a time that suits us, go to the theatre,cinema, restaurant. So someone is employed to cover our needs. (And of course make money for their employer and earn a wage.)


Us “hillbillies” have the luxury to live life at a pace that suits us. And it is a luxury which I thank God for. I have done my share of “ratracing” in years gone by.  Today I am praying for all those stressed folk. May the peace of God which passes all understanding be theirs and may they have a chance to speak with Him today.


I would love to hear your comments and will try to reply ASAP.

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